Kinesiology for Children

I would like to welcome Shari Balog BA Psy, Dip Kin, to the clinic, who specialises in childhood Learning and Development. Shari has a gentle and caring manner that combines Psychology and Kinesiology into a powerful modality she has developed called Kin-easy-learning.

For those of you that may remember, Shari worked in the clinic back in 2011, so she may be a familiar face to some of you. She always received such lovely feedback for the work that she did in clinic, so I am very happy to have her as an addition.

If you feel interested in this for your children, here are some of the areas she can assist in;

  • Issues surrounding dyslexia - including neurological assistance to enhance learning. Coping strategies for both parents and children.

  • Stress management - including childrens meditation.

  • Assistance with co-ordination and physical development.

  • Behavioural treatment and solutions - such as agression, depression and anxiety.

  • Issues with learning and creating new models of learning.

  • Problems fitting in and social development - building self resiliance.

Shari will be available in the Camp Hill clinic on Fridays and Saturdays for anyone interested in an appointment you can book online via the link below.

We Attract What We Need To Heal

When life brings painful relationships such as attracting the same toxic relationship over and over. When you feel afflicted with chaos in your life or when life just doesn’t turn out in a favourable way - this is not you doing life “wrong". These are unhealed patterns that continue to present themselves until we heal them. Patterns of painful relationships from our childhood will often manifest in our adult relationships and become unseen sabotages to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

In my own life I would attract one toxic relationship after another until my 2nd marriage ended. This is when I realised that I was the common denominator in all my relationships and it was time to do some deep inner work. I had so much unhealed wounding from my own childhood, from a father that was intensely obsessive, paranoid and controlling. Who would use physical punishment randomly, harshly and often excuse it by saying it was discipline. As I grew older I realised it was just as an outlet to his own feelings of anger and being out of control. He had so many demons from his own tortured childhood that he was projecting onto the world. I started working deeply with these patterns of intense psychological pain and trauma that I projected onto all my relationships in one form or another. My life started to stabilise and become more prosperous. I started attracting healthy, loving and supportive relationships the more I would regain my power and got in touch with my truth.

The unhealed part of ourselves are the wounds that we carry and project onto the world until we heal them. Common wounds are often projected onto our world as feelings of “being different”, “not belonging.” There are many expressions of the sacred wound and these have their roots in being seperate.

Kinesiology is an extremely beneficial way to pin point the time frames that these unhealthy patterns started to develop and places of trauma in our lives that may have triggered the wounds you carry in your life. Using Kinesiology techniques and processes like inner child healing, we can assist you in healing those deeply unhealed parts of yourself. You can start to attract a life that is more aligned to the truth of who you really are and not just a continuous expression of your wounds.