Kinesiology for Children

I would like to welcome Shari Balog BA Psy, Dip Kin, to the clinic, who specialises in childhood Learning and Development. Shari has a gentle and caring manner that combines Psychology and Kinesiology into a powerful modality she has developed called Kin-easy-learning.

For those of you that may remember, Shari worked in the clinic back in 2011, so she may be a familiar face to some of you. She always received such lovely feedback for the work that she did in clinic, so I am very happy to have her as an addition.

If you feel interested in this for your children, here are some of the areas she can assist in;

  • Issues surrounding dyslexia - including neurological assistance to enhance learning. Coping strategies for both parents and children.

  • Stress management - including childrens meditation.

  • Assistance with co-ordination and physical development.

  • Behavioural treatment and solutions - such as agression, depression and anxiety.

  • Issues with learning and creating new models of learning.

  • Problems fitting in and social development - building self resiliance.

Shari will be available in the Camp Hill clinic on Fridays and Saturdays for anyone interested in an appointment you can book online via the link below.

Shari Balog BSc Psychology Dip Kinesiology

Shari Balog BSc Psychology Dip Kinesiology