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“Mind Blowing! Especially loved learning how to program water”.

“Vesna is an amazing teacher! the energy testing workshop was so easy to understand. she has such a wonderful gift, not only as a practitioner but as a teacher. it was such an informative workshop”

Energy is an invisible force that is known by many names like, power, vitality, spirit, lifeforce and chi.  It gets transformed to create light, heat and matter.  In other words energy is life itself.  When energy is blocked we feel, unwell, in pain and stifled in some way in our life.

Muscle Testing is the basis of Kinesiology and has been scientifically proven to be incredibly accurate.  As a truth test it rates much higher than intuition and chance. With muscle testing we can test how the body responds to many factors and stimuli.  We can test where the energy is blocked in our body and how to get the energy flowing again.  How our body responds to different foods, thoughts, emotions and people can all be tested via muscle response. In fact almost anything can be tested in relation to muscle test response.  
We can pinpoint times of stress in the past and if that is still impacting our current situation.  We can test ourselves through self testing as well as others including animals and even plants.

In this live workshop I will be teaching you; 

  • To muscle test yourself and others.

  • How to get the most accurate muscle test response.

  • Simple correction techniques to bring you back into balance and unblock energy to allow healing and flow.

  • What is presence and how to become present.

  • Other forms of energy testing like using the Pendulum and using the body as a dowsing tool.

Like anything in life, its simple when you know how.  Muscle test response is a science that has been around for decades and is an incredible tool for anyone to have.  In this workshop I simplify for you a complex science that allows you to speak directly to your unconscious mind/body and open up to the mystery of who and what you actually are.

Next Date: Saturday 19th OCTOBER 2019 10am to 4pm

If you are interested in doing this workshop please register your interest or save your seat.  Bookings before 5th October will attract the early bird special of $250. After the 5thh of October will be $300 if seats are still available.

As I am only offering 8 seats for this workshop it may be wise to save your spot as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.