Firstly I would like to welcome you to your first appointment with me.   It can be exciting and a little challenging when we take the initiative to try a new therapist or therapy.  I am really looking forward to meeting you.


You may like to download and fill out a Client Health History form  prior to your first appointment.  

You are also welcome to fill one out when you arrive in the clinic.

The only other thing you might like to bring is an open mind and perhaps some thought about what you would like to work on.

Sometimes it’s difficult to think about that when it may be your first time doing this kind of work.

Often people don’t know what to expect or even what falls under the banner of what gets done here, so I will outline some common dynamics that may give you some assistance with that.

People come to therapy for similar reasons.  They want to change an aspect of their lives.   Something is not working for them and they want it to be different.  They want clarity or awareness of about themselves.

Sometimes they are curious and just want to experience Kinesiology.

The areas of your life you can apply these reasons to are;

  • Your relationship with yourself.

  • Your physical body

  • Your relationship with your spouse or lovers, or lack there of.

  • Your relationship with your children

  • Your relationship with your friends or family

  • Your career

  • Your relationship with humanity and the world

  • Your connection with nature and the animal kingdom

  • Your ability to manifest and make your world the way you want it to be. - In other words your ability to bring your dreams into reality

  • Your relationship to God or the supreme power.


Hopefully this will give you a starting point.

Some people also know what they would like to work on and will often write a list of what they would like to deal with too.

This is an individual experience and no two sessions are alike.


There is no dress code at all.  People will turn up in their work gear, casuals, sports wear or even pyjamas!  Again its totally up to you.The only thing to keep in mind is that if we do need to work with your leg muscles for any reason then you might like to wear loose comfortable clothing that allows that movement.


Initial sessions are 1.5 hour in duration.  It's a very personal journey and with Kinesiology we always work with what your body deems to be the priority.  How we determine that is through muscle test response.

Working on priorities is one of the fastest ways I know to get to the core of an issue and can alleviate a myriad of symptoms.

During a session you are fully clothed.

We usually sit down and touch base and get an idea on what you would like to work on and what your desired outcomes might be.

After that you will get onto a therapy table where we begin muscle testing to see where the imbalances are in the body and what we need to work on.

The process will often start to unwind the stress in the body as we start to balance your body.  So it is not uncommon to just simply feel more and more relaxed as the session moves on.

Many people say at the end of their session they feel very clear and lighter as they can see where the issues are coming from.



After our Initial consult you will get an idea of what the therapy involves.  

Sometimes a follow up appointment is not necessary as you may have received what you need.

It is again an individual experience and people have different needs and are at different stages of personal development.

Some people set goals to overhaul their lives or perhaps just get some trauma resolved.  This will often take more than one session.

It is always advisable to book future appointments at intervals that suit you.  

Since there is often quite a wait for a booking I recommend booking in at least a few future dated appointments at 3 to 4 weeks apart to make sure you have appointments there as you need them.

If you would prefer weekly or fortnightly appointments that is fine too as it really is up to you and you will know what you need fairly quickly.

It is easy to cancel the appointment if you don’t need it up to 24hrs prior to your appointment time.


As I work out of a private house you have ample off street parking.

If the driveway is empty you are welcome to park in the driveway too.

Please be aware that there are two Howard Streets in Morningside!!  The one you will need is off Pashen St.



We do have eftpos facilities available so paying by credit or debit card is very acceptable.

We also now accept AMEX.

If you prefer to pay with cash that is fine too.

Accounts are not usually accepted. If you need an account for any reason please arrange it a few days before your appointment.

If you have any other questions at all please don’t hesitate to either call the office: on 07 33999427  or email: info@vesnapinter.com.au me directly and I will be more than happy to assist.

Once again I am really looking forward to meeting you and am very excited about your experience to come.

In Health and Happiness

Vesna Pinter