Vesna Pinter  Dip Counselling Kinesiology Practitioner/Instructor Medical Intuit

Vesna Pinter Dip Counselling Kinesiology Practitioner/Instructor Medical Intuit

Vesna has been in the Natural Health field for over 27 years.   She specialises in Kinesiology and has trained in modalities such as Applied Kinesiology, N.S.I (Neuro Spiritual Integration), PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Series), N.O.T (Neuro Organisational Technique), Three in One Series, Blueprint Series, Reset. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Herbs for Kinesiologists. She has qualifications in Nutrition, a Diploma in Counselling and is a Kinesiology Instructor and workshop creator. Vesna's private practice keeps her busy with one on one sessions and teaching workshops that assist people to heal their lives and thrive.

Vesna has developed a Sabotage clearing philosophy based on survival systems.  She uses this in her practice to assist with conditions such as anxiety, deep emotional trauma, post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Although Vesna is predominately based in Brisbane, she does work with clients all over the globe.  In 1999 she ran a clinic in Melbourne treating clients with the main focus being on war refugees, trauma and sports injuries. She has also taken her clinic to the road helping clients all over Eastern Australia. 

Vesna has done extensive work on Past life regression therapy and near death experiences.  

She focuses mainly on mental, emotional and spiritual health which is supported by physical therapies, nutritional and environmental changes. Working with people in all walks of life with varying issues and needs, her skills have also often been called upon to assist in physical and metaphysical imbalances.

Vesna has been able to assist thousands of people to change their lives and achieve health and understanding of their own body.  She works to empower each individual to reach a deeper and richer understanding of their own body and illness and therefore take back control of their health, life and relationships.

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My Philosophy thus far...

Life is an experiment!

There are no dress rehearsals.  

We are not here to "get it right",  we are here to experience and it's through these experiences that we get to know ourselves and the truth of who we are.  We learn more about our essential nature when we take on the observer position.  

We are part of a collective.  Only when we heal the disowned or fragmented aspects of our psyche, can we start to recognise the part we play in this ocean of consciousness.  

It is like the drop recognising the importance of its self in the ocean. 

Vesna Pinter