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I have only visited upon Vesna Pinter once, however I came in with a feeling of being bloated and not being able to go to the toilet in excess of 5 days.

On average I usually only go every 3 days (and have done since I was a teenager, and am now 30) but this was quite bad. She managed to find it was problems with my liver and kidney and worked in these areas as well as suggested fish oil might help. She also found whilst treating me that I was quite desperate to have a second child. Although I wasn’t trying for a child I have always wanted a second child. I thought my desire wasn’t that strong but when discussing it I had tears in my eyes at the thought of not having another child, not so much the not having one now, but just the thought of never having another one.

Vesna worked on some areas in relation to this to not take away the feelings for another child but to help ease the emotions in case I don’t have another child for whatever reason. After only one session I can say that I now go to the toilet every day and on the odd occasion I don’t it is because of diet. I loved the whole experience. It was very relaxing and informative. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, in fact, I have.

Thank you.

Rebecca Brisbane Qld 


At a time of personal distress about a broken relationship, I was pointed by a friend to Vesna Pinter’s Kinesiology practice. Skeptical but tired of previous methods tried e.g. Self-help books, visiting a psychologist etc. I thought: ”What can I loose?”

During the 5 sessions over the period of 2 months, I learned to understand my own behavior patterns and its causes. At times it was hard emotional work and I was feeling as low and empty one possibly could. Other times I was amused about the methods used.

After a while, I didn’t care anymore as in the end the problems nesting in my subconscious mind, revealed one by one, formed a more ‘complete picture about the puzzle of my life’. Each session ‘passed’, I felt a great relief and lightness in my body and mind, which made me feel that I am doing the right thing for myself.

Now more than one year later I have to say that this therapy has given me the tools of self-awareness I needed in order to achieve personal goals and become a happier being. I can recommend to anyone to try Kinesiology performed by a professional practitioner and from my personal experience I am of the opinion, that Vesna Pinter is very committed to help her clients with her skills in Kinesiology.

Annett Brisbane Qld 



I went to see Vesna Pinter with a sore tummy. The treatment stopped my sore tummy by cutting out milk in my tea and cereal. It was like a miracle cure!

It worked and Vesna was so lovely. I would recommend it to people I cared about although they would have to be in the “alternative medicine mindset” frame of mind.

It fixed me!

Brisbane Qld.

I had been suffering anxiety for many years and was on different kinds of medications that only seemed to mask my symptoms but left me feeling blank and like a failure.
I went to see Vesna and through testing my body she was able to find out where the anxiety was coming

from. Working with past issues, diet deficiencies and getting strategies around my thinking habits, it was like a miracle.

I now feel like "my old self". I can't believe I spent years in this state.

I have my life back now and I am so grateful I found Vesna!

Karen Brisbane Qld 


I had been to Kinesiology when I was child and enjoyed the talking part of the treatment however when I entered adulthood I had some emotional baggage that I had to get rid of. After being in a verbally abusive relationship for 3 years which involved infidelity I had some self worth issues online and even though I felt the pain would never go away after each session I feel I had progress within myself and I felt lighter physically. A major factor being the relief of the daily anxiety I was suffering. The practitioner I worked with was the amazing Vesna Pinter

What I liked best about the experience was
that Kinesiology for me worked on a wide range of health and well being issues. The best thing for me was focusing on physical, mental and emotional issues and getting to the core of these issues, which gives you a greater understanding why you feel and do certain things. It is the best form of treatment I have ever had - for me its like counseling with a hands on aspect. Issues that you don’t know you even have pop up, then you work through these to become a better person and have a more flowing life. I recommend Kinesiology for anyone who has an open mind and a willingness to work through their issues.

Emily Brisbane, Qld 


Nearly 4 years ago, I separated from my now ex-husband. I was experiencing extreme difficulty with anxiety and just getting on with the day to day normal things with kids, school and work. A friend suggested I go to a Kinesiologist. I had no idea what this was!! We looked in the yellow pages and found Vesna Pinter. So off I went not knowing what I was about to go through but I was desperate to get rid of the horrible anxious feelings and sickness I was being awoken with during the night.

I did not realise at this time I was suffering immense guilt and grief...I was just beating myself for not coping after all I was the one who left my was my choice. One session with Vesna and that night was the first night I had slept right through for about 6 weeks. The anxiousness and sickness was alleviated immediately. I could not believe it...I thought it was magic! Little did I realise the profound effect of the body on the mind and vice versa.

I have since sent many a friend and client to Vesna and continue to do so. That one session with Vesna changed my life and the direction of my life. That one session lead me onto a path that I now cannot escape from nor do I wish
to. Every corner is some other mystery to unfold of my personal journey, and I now am no longer am afraid to look these emotions straight in the eye and welcome them. Life is a constant journey of new beginnings and we owe it to ourselves to do whatever it takes to live the best life we can in order to be the best we can and offer service to others.

Lynn Levitt -
Life Balance for Women.


I went to see Vesna Pinter with symptoms of depression and anxiety. I needed assistance with work changes and I found it so beneficial to look at all areas of my life; work, relationships, childhood experiences etc.

The treatment enabled me to understand myself and work on core deep issues, in a very safe and open environment. I have become more aware of others and myself.

What I really enjoyed was the ability to tap into what the underlying core belief or programs that are running in my life, bringing me awareness, making me more in touch with myself which has expanded me as a person. A friend of a colleague recommended me and in turn I have recommended many friends and associates.


Business Development Manager (Finance and Banking Sector).