Excerpt:  When I Loved Myself Enough : Kim McMillen with Alison McMillen


When I Loved Myself Enough : Kim McMillen with Alison McMillen

Emotional Clearing and Stress Release

Stress and our response to stress can be one of the leading contributors to disease.  Through Kinesiology, EFT and other proven techniques, you can not only help your body to diffuse stress, but also learn about how you create it and what course of action you can take to minimise and manage stress in your life.


Self Sabotage Clearing and Success Programming.

Nearly 80% of our actions and motivations are unconscious.  Our unconscious is directly linked to our survival and defense mechanisms and can work against us in our conscious goals and desired directions.  

These unconscious programs are often formed by stress, trauma or pain from earlier times and become sabotages when they no longer apply to our present circumstances.  They can oppose our desired outcomes.  We can feel that there is an outside force blocking our progress, but it can be traced to our inner survival programs.  

Some people are aware enough that they may be sabotaging their own progress, but are somehow at the mercy of this force.

 With Kinesiology and regression techniques we can assist the individual to go back to the time the programs where formed and work to diffuse or make them available to the conscious mind, this can assist your body to use this incredibly powerful survival energy in a positive way to support your process as opposed to the old self sabotage that can be extremely destructive.


Relationship Healing

Relationships give us the ability to flex our love muscles.  They are a fabulous environment for self awareness.  As human beings we are hard wired to search them out and hopefully thrive and reach our potential through them.

What happens when they are destructive and don't offer an environment for love and growth?  What happens if you keep attracting the "wrong" partners in your life? or you keep sabotaging great relationships?

What does a healthy relationship look like?  

Who are you in your relationship?

Do you know what your deal breakers are in a relationship?

People have many questions about relationships and often more confusion than clarity.

Find out more about your relationship patterns and programs.  These are often unconscious and are formed in childhood.

Find out how to heal your relationship and whether your are truly in love or hopelessly addicted.

Learn to heal yourself and move on from destructive relationships.  It is all possible.


Past Life Regression Therapy

The belief in "past lives" or not is irrelevant.  What we look at here is more a quantum view of past existence.  

In Einstein's theory of time he suggests that all past, present and future are happening right now.  

Our genetics come from an ancestral base with past traumas, experiences and lives all recorded in our survival system and genes.    There are many theories about past lives and arguments for and against.

The main focus in clinic are the metaphysical pictures or memories and beliefs that seem to live in our unconscious.  There is commonly an uncanny explanation of your current issue.  It can sometimes explain the  blockages in your life that often cannot be resolved through normal avenues of therapy.  By viewing these memories we are creating an atmosphere for change, healing and growth.

group online session


Collective manifestation is a powerful under-utilised but futuristic healing platform. In a therapy session we usually come with an issue and then work on changing that in some way. Taking the charge out of the issue, creating a new goal or finding a new perspective with that particular issue. In a group healing session we test up what the group issue might be. This is something that affects each person in the group in some way. As we work through the issue from different perspectives and align the whole group to a more beneficial frequency it works more deeply for the group as a whole. We are able to access place in a group setting that perhaps in individual therapy we don’t have access to easily.

The power to muscle test from a distance and get accurate muscle test response is uncanny and has time and time again shown to be just as accurate and impactful as testing on the table. We call this surrogate testing and it works on the premise that our energy systems are accessible from any distance. My clientele are based all over the world and as we live in a field of energy called the Morphic field the information is accessible at any distance and instantaneously.

Group Online sessions are done most Thursday evenings and can be booked through the Products page.


Symptoms that can be assisted with Kinesiology


Addictions     Adverse reactions to Vaccinations   Anxiety   Anorexia   Allergies    Alopecia   Alzheimers

Arthritis   Asthma  Back Pain  Bloating  Bulimia   Bursitis  Candida Infection   Cancer  Cholesterol  

Chronic Fatigue   Coeliac   Cold & Flu   Confusion   Depression   Dermatitis   Dementia   Diabetes   Diet   

Eczema   Emotional Balancing   Epilepsy   Fatigue    Fear of Loss   Fertility   Giving Up   Goal Setting   Gout    

Grief   Halitosis (bad breath)   Heart disease   Headache   Heavy Metal Detoxification   Hormonal Imbalances

Hyper/Hypoglycaemia   IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)  Injury   Insomnia   Indecisiveness   Irritable Bowel

Learning Difficulties   Menopause   Menstral Imbalances   Migraine   MS Multiple Sclerosis

Pain Management  Parasites   Phobias   Psoriasis   Rheumatism   Scoliosis   Sciatica  Stomach Ulcers

Vertigo   Vitilago   Vomiting


Fees for Service

Initial Consultation  & Follow up appointments are  1.5 hrs  $195

Phone Consultations are available and are charged at the same  rate.


Cancellation Policy

Booking agreement and cancellation policy

It is an agreement of booking that you give us 24 hours notice of any changes or cancellations to your booked appointment.

As we often have people on waiting lists, all we ask is that you give us the courtesy of being able to offer that position to someone else in need.

Charges will apply to no shows up to 100% of the cost of time booked can be applied.