Kinesiology and muscle testing can help people to come to know the truth about themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and their natural ability to be made
whole through being touched.
— Dr John Thie DC

Kinesiology n.(kin-easy-ology)


Kinesiology conventionally means the study of motion, in particular the study of how the muscles act and coordinate to move the body.  In the natural health field, the term is used in a different way.  Here the muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body’s systems.


How can muscle monitoring be applied? Many different factors can be tested in relation to muscle test response.  Factors such as structural problems, nutritional requirements, deficiencies, stress related imbalances, emotional issues, environmental factors, learning difficulties etc. Through muscle test response we can then see what method of correction would suit the body best to bring it back into balance.


Kinesiology aligns with the  Chinese 5 element philosophy.  It works with bringing the body back into balance as a means of allowing your body’s natural healing energy to heal itself.  There are literally hundreds of correction techniques your body can chose from, including acupressure points, lymphatic rubbing, nutritional support, diet changes, pressure points etc.   Through muscle test response we can test what remedies your body would prefer.  What foods are suitable for your body.  What enhances your life force.  


What can it do for you: Kinesiology works with the underlying causes of an issue and does not treat the symptom.  Once the cause has been handled then the body can get back into balance and heal itself.  You can use kinesiology to assist with most dis-eases in the body, goal setting, performance enhancement, emotional balancing, allergy clearing, phobias, bad habits, sabotage programmes, learning difficulties, hormone balancing.   Your body has the answers and we have the questions. 


What can I expect from a Balance:  A balance is a relaxing and peaceful process.  It is performed fully clothed and is non invasive.  Your consultation begins on the couch where we discuss your issues and what you would like to acheive from your healing.  The next part is done on the massage table where we begin the process of balancing your body through muscle test response.  This is very gentle and very informative as there is alot of information that can be accessed through muscle testing. We aim to get to the root cause of the problem.

We usually get through a fair bit of work in one session (although this can vary from client to clients individual needs).  At the end of your session you will be given a treatment plan or sugestions that can assist you in empowering yourself and regaining control of your own health designed to your individual case.


Kinesiology is a beautiful therapy that is empowering and liberating.


Come in and have a balance.  Book one today!